November 24, 2017

Workshop Nearing Completion

 I'm down to a short list of tools to complete the workshop before ordering the empennage and aircraft tools. I started building the workshop/garage in October of 2015. This has been a two year project so seven years to build the plane looks just about right!

The Mini Split AC/Heat unit above the TV is so quiet when it's on I can hardly hear it.
Keeps the humidity low as well.

Nine 8' LED strip lights on the ceiling make for a well lit shop! All that's left is to scatter tools, aluminum filings, pro seal and the smell of primer.

EAA Benches

Home Depot made it easy for me to build the EAA work tables! They cut all the pieces off the cut sheet, then gave me a 10% military discount at the register! Hat's off to Home Depot!

Here's the link to the plans: 

Cutting the plywood on a vertical saw. The rest was cut on a radial arm saw.
Ready to checkout at Home Depot.

Built and ready for sanding, primer and paint.

One primed, one painted with first of two coats. Paint color matched to Seville Ultra HD workbenches and cabinets.
Minwax natural stain then two coats of polyurethane on the tops.

After hearing from other builders about aluminum filings getting embedded in the carpet, I decided not to attach the carpet material to the tables.

Brick and Concrete

Brick, sand and mortar delivered
Brick work finally under way!

Brick done, ground prepped and rebar set for concrete
10 yard concrete pour. We had exactly one wheelbarrow full of concrete to spare when pour was complete! Thank God! (saved $$$)

A little fencing, landscape and gutters is all that's left.


Floor Epoxy

I acid etched the floor before applying the epoxy and clear coat. Check out "The Idaho Painter's" epoxy videos on YouTube to see the process used.
The epoxy flooring consists of two coats of Sherwin Williams Tile Clad epoxy and one coat of Armorseal Rexthane clear coat also from Sherwin Williams.