March 26, 2017

Workshop Construction

  I started construction in October 2015. The workshop/garage is 26' wide by 36' deep. It has 10' high ceilings and attic storage accessed by a pull down ladder. In hindsight, a 30' by 40' foot print would have been nice but I wanted to keep the costs down. Most of the time only 1 car will be parked inside, giving ample room for the build. The best thing I did was insulate with foam! Here in Texas, attic temps can reach 140 to 150 degrees. A foamed attic becomes a conditioned space and will stay at 85 degrees max in the heat of the summer!

Prepping the pad with select fill
Forms in, footings dug
Termite treatment spray
Laying of vapor barrier and steel
Concrete finished and forms stripped
Framing begins
Walls framed (10' ceiling)
Trusses rolled and roof sheeting on
Building wrap on. Windows and doors installed
Sided and painted, waiting on the brick
Spray foam insulation after electrical rough in
Trimming the foam
Sheetrock delivery
Interior Painting