December 23, 2017

More Tools

This Wen 10" band saw came with the stand and was the best value I could find at 235.00.  I ordered it through Home Depot.
I don't buy much from Harbor Freight but this buffer was 36.00 after the 20% discount.  I'll put the 3M Scotchbrite deburring wheels on it when I get them.  The stand was 25.00 and is sturdy and of good quality.

December 16, 2017

Rolling Work Bench

As I'm taking small steps towards finishing the workshop completely I find that at times I'm looking for something to do. This is what happens when you don't have a kit yet!  Using some left over paint and materials from the construction of the EAA work tables, I decided to build a 30" x 36" rolling work bench using the same build method. 

Materials from Home Depot
Ready to prime and paint

Painted with handles

Ready to stain and clear coat work surfaces

December 10, 2017

EAA Sport Air Workshop

I attended an EAA Sport Air "Sheet Metal Basics" workshop in Houston, TX this weekend. It was an eye opener. It's easy to plan and dream of building an airplane while your watching everyone else doing it! Then the reality of the work and skill's required hit me after my first few rivet's and mistakes!  There's no better place to start than the beginning!

The fun begin's here
Checking in
A great setup in the "Aviation Institute of Maintenance" at Hobby Airport
Fellow workshop attendee's working under the watchful eye of our
instructor, John Brecher
I couldn't agree more!
My completed airfoil project!

November 24, 2017

Workshop Nearing Completion

 I'm down to a short list of tools to complete the workshop before ordering the empennage and aircraft tools. I started building the workshop/garage in October of 2015. This has been a two year project so seven years to build the plane looks just about right!

The Mini Split AC/Heat unit above the TV is so quiet when it's on I can hardly hear it.
Keeps the humidity low as well.

Nine 8' LED strip lights on the ceiling make for a well lit shop! All that's left is to scatter tools, aluminum filings, pro seal and the smell of primer.

EAA Benches

Home Depot made it easy for me to build the EAA work tables! They cut all the pieces off the cut sheet, then gave me a 10% military discount at the register! Hat's off to Home Depot!

Here's the link to the plans: 

Cutting the plywood on a vertical saw. The rest was cut on a radial arm saw.
Ready to checkout at Home Depot.

Built and ready for sanding, primer and paint.

One primed, one painted with first of two coats. Paint color matched to Seville Ultra HD workbenches and cabinets.
Minwax natural stain then two coats of polyurethane on the tops.

After hearing from other builders about aluminum filings getting embedded in the carpet, I decided not to attach the carpet material to the tables.

Brick and Concrete

Brick, sand and mortar delivered
Brick work finally under way!

Brick done, ground prepped and rebar set for concrete
10 yard concrete pour. We had exactly one wheelbarrow full of concrete to spare when pour was complete! Thank God! (saved $$$)

A little fencing, landscape and gutters is all that's left.


Floor Epoxy

I acid etched the floor before applying the epoxy and clear coat. Check out "The Idaho Painter's" epoxy videos on YouTube to see the process used.
The epoxy flooring consists of two coats of Sherwin Williams Tile Clad epoxy and one coat of Armorseal Rexthane clear coat also from Sherwin Williams.

May 27, 2017

Overhead Reels

Power and air hose reels mounted near the (future) EAA workbenches. I planned for these during construction by adding an electric plug and a 1/2" black iron air line from the compressor location. 

Ironton 40 ft. 15 amp 12-3 cord reel

Klutch compact 50 foot hybrid air hose reel

The wire protruding from the ceiling between the reels is one of nine Romex drops for the nine LED light fixtures that are yet to be installed. From previous experience a well lit workshop is a happy workshop!

May 21, 2017

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Mounted a 3' X 4'  Dry Erase Board above the (future) desk location. I need to get the floor epoxied now because Iv'e just about mounted everything I can think of on the walls and ceilings.

Magnetic Dry Erase Board above the (future) desk
Assorted magnets across the top. The markers have built in magnets and erasers on each marker. I wonder how many parts will be listed here that need to be reordered because of my learning curve?!!!

May 19, 2017

Storage Bins

Added two small part storage bins today. Until I epoxy the floor everything I'm doing is on the walls or the ceiling!

Used a discount coupon to buy these Stack On Organizers at Northern Tool today.There will be a continuous work bench under everything and the flat screen TV above. 

I'll need to reference this throughout the build!

May 14, 2017

Overhead Cabinets and Pegboards

So in shopping around I decided on the "Seville Classics Ultra HD" line of storage cabinets, overhead cabinets, pegboards, work benches and accessories. Not only because of the reviews but also the price. I also found the best price by far was through Sam's Club. These overhead cabinets were well packaged, had great assembly instructions and also came with the tools needed for assembly!  

Seville Classics Ultra HD overhead cabinets and pegboards. General shop tools on the right and (future) aircraft tools on the left. This workshop will also be a Man Cave, so it's pre wired for the 55 inch smart TV to be mounted between the cabinets! 
The clock is a LaCrosse Technologies 14" Atomic clock purchased on Amazon. Unlike other clocks it runs on one, two or three AA batteries for an extended run time of 3 years. Just put the batteries in and forget it, accurate to the second and automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.
 Next up is to epoxy and clear coat the floor.  Then storage cabinets, workbenches (including 2 eaa benches), power tools and air compressor.  My goal is to have the workshop completely setup before ordering the aircraft tools and empennage. As I stated in the beginning this is a slowww build, and that's OK!

April 8, 2017

Storage Space and Organization

  In order to have a lot of raised storage space I decided on the Fleximounts Overhead Rack System.  It worked out that I could do 3 foot wide by 24 feet long on each side of the workshop creating 48 lineal feet of shelf space (144 square ft.) with room to stack!

  This workshop/garage serves two purposes: A workshop to  build the RV-14A and a storage area for my Wife's event planning business rental items. That's why I'm putting in so much overhead storage.  The 36 ft. long attic storage area will be used as well.  

First the support angles are attached using 3" lag bolts screwed in the Truss Rafters which are on 2 ft. centers
Next the height adjustable brackets are bolted together and attached to the ceiling angles 
3' X 24' on right side 
3' X 24' down the left side
I'm thankful Lowe's is two block's from our house.  I installed the Rubbermaid Fast Track hardware to help keep organized and uncluttered.

Rubbermaid Fast Track
Rubbermaid Fast Track