April 8, 2017

Storage Space and Organization

  In order to have a lot of raised storage space I decided on the Fleximounts Overhead Rack System.  It worked out that I could do 3 foot wide by 24 feet long on each side of the workshop creating 48 lineal feet of shelf space (144 square ft.) with room to stack!

  This workshop/garage serves two purposes: A workshop to  build the RV-14A and a storage area for my Wife's event planning business rental items. That's why I'm putting in so much overhead storage.  The 36 ft. long attic storage area will be used as well.  

First the support angles are attached using 3" lag bolts screwed in the Truss Rafters which are on 2 ft. centers
Next the height adjustable brackets are bolted together and attached to the ceiling angles 
3' X 24' on right side 
3' X 24' down the left side
I'm thankful Lowe's is two block's from our house.  I installed the Rubbermaid Fast Track hardware to help keep organized and uncluttered.

Rubbermaid Fast Track
Rubbermaid Fast Track